BROWNS Professional welcomed Delphine from all the way from Belgium. After completing high-school, Delphine decided her gap year would include travelling to Australia to improve her English. Our Diploma of Business course was the best option, offering flexibility to work and earn money along with time to travel and enjoying all Australia has to offer. On her days off, Delphine has travelled to Fraser Island, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and more planned soon.


Hello I am Delphine and I come from Belgium.

I decided to take a break after my high school to improve my English and travel all around the world. First, I went to New York and then I decided to come to Australia in order to study Business at BROWNS Professional.

I chose the Diploma of Business because I wanted to gain very good knowledge in business. I know, this will be very helpful for what I will do in my future.

The course is very flexible, which means it gives me the time to work and earn money as well as travelling and enjoying my time in Australia.

Brisbane is a really cool city, it’s so central. I’ve been to such really cool places like Fraser Island, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast.

After BROWNS, I will certainly go to university in Netherlands, the course will be in English so I think BROWNS will be very helpful.
I am really enjoying my time in Australi and I really hope to come back soon. Thank you BROWNS Professional.