BROWNS Professional has launched their long-awaited Learning Management System with partner Moodlerooms (a subsidiary of Blackboard, Inc), providing an industry-leading online solution to improve material accessibility and learning outcomes for BROWNS students.

“Our world is changing faster than ever; our classrooms, our students and our delivery are evolving. BROWNS has invested hundreds of hours and tens of thousands of dollars to enhance the student experience at BROWNS. We are modernising vocational education in Australia” said Managing Director, Richard Brown.


“It’s not just another student portal. It’s an evolution in how students learn and engage.”
Moodlerooms is the global gold-standard of Learning Management Systems. Being mobile-friendly, students can access learning materials and complete assessments on-the-go. New interactive textbooks and learning modules are available 24 hours a day. Already used by over 2 million teachers and learners worldwide, Moodlerooms is the platform of choice for over 17 universities in Australia.”

“Old-fashioned learning theories, with their perishable, heavy and cumbersome textbooks, are a feature of out-dated schools. Today, students can carry more resources than ever imagined right in the palm of their hands with their smartphones and tablets”.

“Our new platform opens a world of opportunities for new forms of delivery, including blended learning, distance education and flipped classrooms”.

BROWNS Professional students have untethered and exclusive access to the new BROWNS Learning Management System included in their tuition and material fee contribution.