Quality Assurance in the Classroom

BROWNS offers a world-class calibre of teaching. At BROWNS we are careful to choose career teachers who are passionate about the classroom and ensuring students receive the best possible education.

BROWNS Professional Development Workshops

BROWNS holds professional development workshops for their teaching team frequently to ensure our teachers are always on the cutting edge of teaching practice. This attention and commitment to continuous learning sets BROWNS teachers apart.

The BROWNS Teaching Style

For every hour that the student spends in class, they should be able to identify clear learning outcomes. The teaching team is responsible for providing this focused learning environment. BROWNS teachers want to motivate, inspire, enthuse, and empower students to achieve rapid progress in their studies.

Teacher Assessment of the Learner

BROWNS teachers use a variety of assessment techniques to gauge student progress. Assessing students is done both formally, through subject based assignments and written assessments, and informally, through monitoring of student participation and performance in class.

Engaging the Learner

Every student learns differently, and at BROWNS, we make sure we support these different learning styles. Whether you are a kineasthetic, visual or auditory learner, or a combination of all three, your teacher will provide a variety of tasks and a supportive learning environment to meet your learning needs.