Industry Connections

Student work placements

The opportunity for students to undertake industry work placements is one of the underlying components of the BROWNS Advantage. While studying at BROWNS Professional, all students have the opportunity to participate in an internship or work experience program (extra charges may apply). Students who undertake these programs enhance their employability, soft skills and work experience credentials, leading students down the path of professional success.

Business benefits

BROWNS partners with industry clients to provide students with work placements across a variety of industries, benefiting businesses in a number of ways:

  • Developing existing staff capabilities through the process of mentoring students
  • Recruiting from a pool of potential with high awareness of workplace culture
  • Injecting new perspectives, new ideas and new enthusiasm
  • Ensuring new recruits have a high capacity for intercultural communication
  • Providing the opportunity to trial a candidate through a no-obligation trial
  • Developing links with BROWNS

Flexible approach

Work placements can be tailored to suit the needs of industry:

  • Paid internships are generally a few months in total, and can take place in Australia or overseas. Businesses can trial prospective employees and temporarily fill vacant positions.
  • Voluntary placements last for a number of weeks and can provide valuable experience for a student, generally within the not-for-profit sector.
  • Industry-based projects usually take the form of project-based work, where the student and business partner collaborate on a specific topic.



Develop your workforce

BROWNS has the flexibility, capabilities and capacity to deliver tailored workforce training solutions to support businesses across the world. As a global institution, BROWNS is able to offer short-term and long-term tailored training and delivery solutions that respond to business pressures and global industry movements.

Investment in human capital and professional development contributes to lifting output and productivity, thereby boosting your bottom line.

Experience the benefits of a corporate training program to:

  • Enable the implementation of effective technologies, strategies and work practices.
  • Increase quality and productivity of your organisation by generating greater accuracy and more efficient work practices.
  • Enhance team morale and staff satisfaction, thereby reducing absenteeism and recruitment costs.
  • Better communicate and develop management’s leadership skills.
  • Increase customer satisfaction and customer retention through enhanced services and capabilities.

Contact us to find out how BROWNS can develop a training program for your business.

Employing our students and graduates

BROWNS graduates are equipped to take on a global career. Connect with BROWNS to access Brisbane’s work-ready job candidates.

Advertise both paid and unpaid workforce opportunities and your career related services to our current students and graduates.

Reach the right audience, save time and ensure the right candidates are brought into your application process.

Contact us to find out more about recruiting our students, or find out more about making contact with students directly.

Facts about international student graduates

International student graduates can enhance your workforce capabilities and add flavour to your business environment.

Does it cost too much to hire international students because they need to be sponsored?
International students currently studying on a student visa are allowed to work 40 hours per fortnight during studies, and unlimited hours during breaks. The obligation is on the student to ensure they do not breach these restrictions.

In some instances graduate international students may need to be sponsored. However, in many cases, graduates are able to sponsor themselves through the Skilled Graduate visa, particularly if they are progressing on to higher education after BROWNS, which entitles them to work full-time in Australia for up to 18 months. By the end of this time, they may be eligible to apply for permanent residency, creating even further opportunities for employment.

Will there be a language barrier because their English isn’t good enough?
BROWNS provides one of Australia’s most highly regarded English Language training programs. This combined with their experience in speaking and writing English while studying in Australia means most international students are ready for the workforce.

Do international employees blend within the workplace?
International students sometimes spend years studying and living in Australia, making them confident and comfortable with Australian culture.

Do international students possess the required skills?
International students are highly educated in their fields, with a large percentage holding highly recognised qualifications. Their global outlook, maturity and multilingual skills make them qualified to work on in a variety of Australian industries, and add value to their proposition for Australian employees.

BROWNS students can be contacted for a number of industry-partnership related purposes which benefit the employability of our students, including:

  • Direct emails
  • On-campus collateral
  • Seminars and on-campus presentations

Direct emails

Students can be targeted by nationality, course, and time to graduation.

On-campus collateral

Organisations wishing to reach our students can display employability and job search information on our campus, including community notice board postings, posters, booklets and flyers.

Seminars and on-campus presentations

Come and talk to our students face-to-face. Use your presentation to showcase positions available, outline your application process, and share advice and application tips. BROWNS can assist with seminar time bookings and promotions. Feel free to organise catering, which adds value to the experience.

Contact us to find out more about reaching our students.