Head Trainer & Assessors - 3 full-time positions (CHC/HLT/BSB)

We are looking for Head Trainer and Assessor superstars to lead in the first-class delivery of the BSB/CHC/HLT training packages.

The ideal candidates will be passionate about their subject matter and have worked in the training sector at least for 2 years.

The candidate would not need to be able to train every unit in the respective package but would lead in the delivery and assist in the recruitment of additional trainers who are passionate about student completion rates and employment outcomes. The roles can be commenced immediately upon completion of the recruitment process.

RTO Head of Compliance & Sustainability

This position is an integral part of the executive leadership team and will actively contribute to the GROWTH and SUSTAINABILITY of the company through the lens of compliance. The successful candidate will also have the flexibility to work from home based on operational requirements.

This exciting role includes (but not limited to):

  1. Expansion
  2. Sustainability
  3. External partner engagement
  4. Internal partner engagement


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